National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control released

Release Date

The National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control has been developed by Cancer Australia in partnership with Cancer Voices Australia to enhance meaningful consumer involvement at all levels of cancer control in order to improve outcomes and experiences for people affected by cancer.

The Framework was developed using a systematic approach with engagement from over 50 organisations and contributions from over 500 stakeholders. This has resulted in high level agreement for the principles and elements needed to set the direction for effective consumer engagement, including:

  • Organisations’ demonstrate meaningful consumer engagement
  • Consumers are supported, trained and selected for their capability
  • Groups and teams have a clear understanding of consumer engagement
  • Desired results are mutually agreed and evaluated for effectiveness

Organisations aiming for best practice in consumer involvement will find this Framework valuable for developing strategies that build sustained consumer involvement, which will in turn contribute to improving the lives of people affected by cancer.