Collaboration is key to better cancer outcomes for kids

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Two organisations, The Kids’ Cancer Project and the Mark Hughes Foundation, have announced funding investments in the Australian Brain Cancer Mission of a combined $3.15 million to improve outcomes for children with cancer.

The Kids’ Cancer Project, a national charity supporting childhood cancer research, has committed $2.65 million to the Australian Brain Cancer Mission over eight years, with the aim of increasing the number of patients participating in clinical trials.

The Mark Hughes Foundation has announced an additional $500,000 in funding for the Australian Brain Cancer Mission, bringing their total contribution to $3 million, as a result of the success of its NRL Beanie for Brain Cancer Round fundraising efforts.

This funding from The Kids’ Cancer Project and the Mark Hughes Foundation brings the total investment in the Mission to $107.65 million.

This has been achieved through $55m from the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund, and significant donations from funding partners Cure Brain Cancer Foundation ($20m), Minderoo Foundation's Eliminate Cancer Initiative ($10m), Carrie's Beanies 4 Brain Cancer ($5m), the Mark Hughes Foundation ($3m), the State of Queensland through the Children’s Hospital Foundation Queensland ($10m), the State of Victoria ($2m) and The Kids’ Cancer Project ($2.65m).

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