2015 Supporting people with cancer grant initiative

Release Date

The Invitation to Apply for the 2015 Supporting people with cancer grant initiative is now closed.

Since 2005, the Australian Government, through Cancer Australia, has provided $5.98 million towards 86 community grants nation-wide with the aim of reducing the impact of cancer, improving access to quality information and providing support for people affected by cancer.



The grant program aims to reduce the burden of cancer through the provision of grants to community organisations, and encourage effective partnerships between organisations in order to:

  • improve the coordination, accessibility and development of quality cancer support networks
  •  better support people affected by cancer
  • focus on local community needs
  • develop innovative approaches to support options
  • build community capability and demonstrate an impact at the health system, community and consumer level
  •  initiate visible partnerships and linkages to services which will foster appropriate  referral to information and support



Cancer Australia’s priority target groups for the grants will be:

2015 Priority Target areas framework (applicants will choose from one category only)

Category one will improve outcomes for people whose outcomes are poor and demonstrate impact at a health systems level and/or community systems level:

-  People whose outcomes are poorer

-  Regional and rural communities

Category two will improve support, consumer involvement and evidence based information at a local level.

-  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

-  Culturally and linguistically diverse communities

-  People who are socioeconomically disadvantaged