2014 PdCCRS round: update

Release Date

The Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS) funds research which can help reduce the impact of cancer in the community and improve outcomes for all Australians affected by cancer.

Funding is allocated to applications in merit order taking into account alignment with PdCCRS research priorities of Cancer Australia and its Funding Partners, and maximizing of any co-funding opportunities in areas of shared priority. Please note that applications addressing research priorities of some PdCCRS Funding Partners may not rank sufficiently high to be considered for these co-funding opportunities.

For the 2014 round of project grant applications, NHMRC streamlined its assessment processes by increasing the proportion of non-competitive grants removed at the Not For Further Consideration (NFFC) stage from the bottom third of all applications to the bottom half of all applications. This change had no impact on the number of applications to the PdCCRS which were available for consideration of funding by 2014 PdCCRS Grant Review Committees.